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Remember When People Passed Notes in Class? Remember when people passed notes in class? I do. In third grade I conspired with some classmates to make another classmate believe he was being stalked by a ghost. I wrote notes in a squiggly lettering that said things like “Your parents don’t love you” and “Courdoroy pants are in your future.” We would leave the notes on his chair when he got up to sharpen his pencil. He was looking worried by the second note. I was pleased at how smoothly the … Read More

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The middle picture is supposed to be last, when you open it up to see your “fortune”.  I’m not sure what it means.

I like the P.S. the best.

This was left behind after a lesson on bullying.

I hope not.

Sorry for the crappy scan!

Call the spelling police too.

And which way is he going?

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